Sagra del Cavatello

Yet another amazing food festival in Vitorchiano!!

This time on Saturday, 4th August 2017, the community comes together to celebrate the ancient, traditional dish – Cavatello!

The recipe for this delicious pasta has been handed down through generations of Vitorchianesi (the name given to the locals of Vitorchiano) and is celebrated by this wonderful “Sagra” (festival).

The main piazza in the historical centre of Vitorchiano is set up with long tables recreating a medieval atmosphere.

The local “nonne” (grandmothers) and “mamme” (mums) from the community spend days working together to prepare the “cavatello” and delicious sauce for the topping in the old traditional method.

The cavatello is made with water and flour, the dough is worked with the palm of your hand until it is reduced to a long “spaghettone” (a thick spaghetti).

This simple but delicious dish is then topped with an ancient sauce of fresh tomatoes, garlic, oil, chilli and wild fennel!

Cavatello is a local favourite and sprinkled with a little grated “Pecorino Romano” (cheese) is one of the many local foods you must try on your next visit!

Or better still, why not sign up for our Volunteer Cultural Exchange and come and learn how to make it from the Vitorchianesi yourself!

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