Peperino in Fiore

In the first few days of June Vitorchiano blooms into a bouquet of colour and flowers.

Similar, but more intimate than the annual San Pellegrino in Fiore held in Viterbo every May, Peperino in Fiore sees the ancient peperino (a type of volcanic stone) covered with brightly coloured flowers and ornaments.

Peperino was used by the Etruscans, the Romans, and then by the Longobards and even by the masonry masters until the Renaissance.  In the picturesque village of Vitorchiano everything goes back to this ancient art of using peperino: church furnishings, architraves marked by family and corporate coats of arms, washbasins and fountains, cornices and facades, and all of these are adorned with flowers and colours throughout the festival.

The small medieval historical centre of Vitorchiano comes alive to celebrate the coming of spring accompanied and throughout the festival a rich itinerary of events, music, culture, food and wine can be enjoyed by all.


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