La Notte Rosa


La Notte Rosa (the Pink Night) in it’s 10th edition in Vitorchiano is a festival dedicated to women. As the famous song by Edith Piaf says “Vie en roes” (live in pink), so the small medieval village of Vitorchiano spends three nights dressed in pink.

The event includes presentations from the Mayor and a number of prominent business women, female entrepreneurs and authors as well as musical, dance, theatrical and cultural performances from successful women in the region.

This year opening on the first evening of La Notte Rosa is also an art exhibit “The Renaissance of women: a journey through history and female costumes” by the association Fusi con Arte, Il Piccolo Relax Gentili and Tailoring Historical The Susanna Catocci Ideas.

“Il Rinascimento delle donne: viaggio nella storia e nel costume femminile” a cura dell’associazione Fusi con Arte, de Il Piccolo Relax di Gentili Martina e della Sartoria Storica L‘Idea di Susanna Catocci.

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