Our English Language & Cultural Centres are based in small, medieval villages throughout regional Italy.

5 Core Centres in the province of Viterbo, 5 more opening in September, and 5 more in January!

Our target of 200 centres throughout regional Italy by the end of 2025 is looking great!​

We’re currently providing English Language and Cultural Services in the province of Viterbo (also known as Tuscia) in seven (7) locations Bassano in Teverina, Civita Castellana, Orte, Soriano nel Cimino, Vignanello, Viterbo and Vitorchiano.

We’ve established English Language & Cultural Centres in five (5) of these locations with the other two (2) locations operated as “satellite” centres.

By the end of this year we will open five (5) more of our Centres and will continue to roll out our expansion plans to have a total of fifteen (15) Centres established in the province of Viterbo by the end of 2021!

We are a community-based business and we work with the local Comune (local Council), businesses, schools and residents to offer English language services that support their needs.

By establishing our centres in these smaller regional locations, we get to share our experiences, the history of the village, its festivals, culture and history with the rest of the English speaking world.

Most of our locations are in medieval villages are not popular tourist spots and you rarely hear English spoken, and we get the amazing opportunity to provide much needed English language services and to share in the uniqueness of each village and


The Borgo of Bassano in Teverina is home to our Intensive English Summer Camps.  It is a small medieval village with a population of about 1,300. It is located in the area of Tuscia in Alto Lazio, the province of Viterbo approximately 90kms (56 miles) north of Rome Fiumicino Airport.


The majestic, art centre of alto Lazio, Civita Castellana is a thriving arts focused town that sees many International Artists come to spend time taking in the picturesque landscapes that surround this wonderful community.

Images of this beautiful city are presented by local photographer / videographer Bruno Sisti from Druno Italia.


Although Orte is in the region of Lazio in the province of Viterbo, the beauty of Orte is inspired by the artistic and aesthetic features of the Umbrian city heritage that surrounds it. Orte is a medieval village of approx. 9,000 inhabitants and sits high above the Tiber Valley on a tufa (volcanic rock) cliff. Its historical centre with an elliptical plant exploits the surface of the hill up to the edge of the rocky walls. Its particular position, near Umbria has meant that one of its hamlets, Orte Scalo, over time has become a significant road and railway junction.


Soriano nel Cimino home of our 1st English Centre opened in 2012. Located approx. 80kms (50 miles) north of Rome and sitting on the side of Monte Cimino at 509 metres (1,670 ft.) above sea level with a panoramic view over the Tiber Valley to the distant Sabina mountain range. Known as the “Pearl of the Cimino” due to its location and clear, clean fresh mountain air it is dominated by the Orsini Castle.


Vignanello our local village with Princesses who still live in Castello Ruspoli!! Yes, that’s right we have real, live Princesses who are resident in Vignanello! Princesses Claudia and Giada are amazing Italian woman who do a lot for our community and maintaining the stunning medieval castle Ruspoli and its magnificent Italian gardens.


Viterbo is the capital of the region of Tuscia, the province of Viterbo and has a population of approx. 60,000 people. It is known as the Papal City because during the latter part of the thirteenth (13th) century it was the site of five (5) papal elections and the residence of seven (7) Popes and their Curias. It remains the location of four (4) Papal tombs.


Our second English Language Cultural Centre location established in 2016 is situated just 10 minutes from our home base of Soriano nel Cimino. This year Vitorchiano was officially nominated as one of the most beautiful Borghi in Italy by the association I Borghi più belli d’Italia. This very exclusive and coveted membership requires intense scrutiny by the National Association of Italian Municipalities to ensure the Borgo meets the very high quality and unique standards for this qualification.
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September 2024, January 2025 & April 2025 NOW OPEN!

English in Italia is now taking enquiries for our Cultural Exchange Programs for September 2024, January 2025 and April 2025.