Kids' English

Young Learners aged from 6 to 13 years of age

Our Kids English program uses a combination of the Direct Method Kids English course books blended with our own special Cambridge English games and activities. This ensures our younger students stay engaged and interested in their lessons and creates a fun learning environment. By using the Direct Method methodology students get all the benefits of the Direct Method served KIDS style. Our KIDS method of learning English is based on the natural progression of language acquisition. A series of simple questions and answers teaches children how to understand and readily employ prepared chunks of language and grammatical structures. The pace and dynamics of the method make children understand the language in context. Systematic revision and visual aids reinforce the material. All this is accompanied by engaging and motivating games that prevent boredom and help memorise the material. KIDS classes are loved by children as they are able to learn really fast. What they enjoy the most is the fact that they are able to speak English in a short time, not only in class but also in numerous situations outside school. This makes their parents really proud to see their kids progress so quickly.

Key features of the Direct Method Kids English coursebooks are:

    • Useful vocabulary, over 1,800 new words
    • Easy-to-understand grammar
    • Full-colour picture dictionary
    • Numerous games and puzzles
    • Warm-up exercises before each new unit
    • Self-check tests
    • Progress tests
    • Homework
    • CD
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September 2024, January 2025 & April 2025 NOW OPEN!

English in Italia is now taking enquiries for our Cultural Exchange Programs for September 2024, January 2025 and April 2025.