Italian Language Services & Programs

We provide a range of Italian language and cultural services
Being based in small regional Italian villages means we have direct access to native / mother-tongue Italian services, including language, art, history, archaeology, food, wine and many other artisan and agricultural products and services. Over time we’ve created a range of Italian language and cultural programs and these will continue to evolve as we establish more Language and Cultural Centres in each of our new locations in regional Italy. By partnering with the Comune (local councils), community groups, businesses and residents we’re able to identify and create unique and innovative Italian cultural experiences and offer them as part of our Italian Cultural Experience program. We also provide a very effective and easy to follow Italian language learning program. Produced by our Partners, Direct Langauge Lab, we use the Italian Direct Method Teaching program to provide non-native Italian visitors and new residents access to Italian language lessons delivered by native (mother-tongue) Italian speakers. By blending language and culture we’ve developed a unique set of Italian language services delivered by native / mother-tongue Italian speakers that are not only effective, efficient and easy to learn but are also very affordable!


The Direct Method Program is our core teaching methodology that we use to deliver our Italian language programs both online and in our Language and Cultural Centres. It is an easy, effective learning methodology delivered by native speaking Italian volunteers and teachers.


The need for better Italian translation and interpretation services is one we have identified by working with our clients and students over the past 7 years.


Together with our partner, Terra in Tuscia, we’ve created a number of “full-immersion” Cultural Experience Programs where you get to learn more about Italy, especially smaller regional parts of Italy, it’s language, culture, history and of course it’s food and wine!!


To provide additional support and tools to help our students on their Italian language learning journey we’ve partnered with the Little Italian Bookshop.
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