Together with our partner, Terra in Tuscia, we’ve created a number of “full-immersion” Cultural Experience Programs where you get to learn more about Italy, especially smaller regional parts of Italy, it’s language, culture, history and of course it’s food and wine!!

Our programs typically run during the summer, harvest and festival times in Italy, from July through to November. We’re also developing some shorter programs over Christmas and the New Year which is a wonderfully magic time of the year to be in bella Italia!

During our Programs we integrate your Italian language learning program so you’ll not only get a unique cultural experience, but you’ll also get the opportunity to learn and improve your Italian!

Our Cultural Experience programs are run by our local, born and raised Italian partners from within our communities who also teach our Italian Language Program throughout during the time you’re with us.

Our Programs benefit our communities by enabling them to share information about their local area, people, unique language, history, artisan products and producers all of the things that makes Italians passionate about their country.

Our next Program kicks off in July 2021, and we’re busy creating an unforgettable once in a lifetime cultural immersion experience.

If you’ve been to Italy before and visited all the major tourist sites, now’s the time to consider coming back and “living Italian”! We’re here to provide you with the experience of a lifetime, to introduce you to our local communities and families and provide you with the opportunity to make lifelong connections and relationships.

Check our partner’s website to learn more about what our Cultural Experience Programs will be like.
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September 2024, January 2025 & April 2025 NOW OPEN!

English in Italia is now taking enquiries for our Cultural Exchange Programs for September 2024, January 2025 and April 2025.