English in Italia has created a unique, innovative way for native (mother-tongue) English speakers to experience Italy the way it truly should be experienced, by living it!!

We own and operate Language and Cultural Centres based in small, medieval towns throughout regional Italy where we provide a range of language and cultural services to local communities.

As part of our Cultural Exchange program you live within our community and work in our language and cultural centre providing vital native (mother-tongue) English services to local individuals, groups, schools and businesses.

You’ll get to create lasting connections with our clients and students and to share and exchange your language and culture with local Italians.

If you’ve dreamed of having a real Italian experience, have a passion for language and all things Italian then we’d love to consider you for one of our Cultural Exchange programs.

What you will need

What you don’t need

Every year we offer three cultural exchange programs of between 10 and 15 weeks.  These programs enable native (mother-tongue) English speakers to volunteer in our language and cultural centres and provide a range of English language services, including delivering our Direct Method English language learning program.

Our programs run from early September through to the week before Christmas, early January to the week before Easter and our last program runs from the week after Easter through to the end of June / early July.

You’ll be expected to do between 25 and 30 hours a week of language and cultural exchange services where you’ll be able to interact and connect with local Italians through our community-based centres.

If you’re over the age of 21, are a native (mother-tongue), English speaker, physically fit, able to comfortably walk around the cobbled, sometimes steep streets of our small communities, and have a passion to live and experience “la dolce vita” then we’d love you to apply for one of our next programs.

We’re currently open for the January and April 2022 intakes and are looking for up to 10 Cultural Exchange Volunteers to work with us for about 3 months.  Our January program will run from the 10th of January through to the 8th of April (14 weeks) and our April program from the 25th of April to the 1st of July (10 weeks).

As part of our Cultural Exchange Program you’ll get to live in one of our local communities in your own 2 bedroom apartment in the centre of an Italian medieval town, you’ll have all your utilities paid for, including unlimited internet access at both the apartment and in our Centre. You’ll get the use of a mobile phone with a local Italian number and mobile data access and in some of our centres you’ll have access to our Centres small car.

In return, you’ll need to provide us with 25 to 30 hours a week of your time to deliver our language and cultural services at our centre and at some of the local schools and businesses, depending on which centre you’re located in.

We’re seeking people who are not only passionate about Italy and all things Italian but are positive, motivated, flexible, and open enough to connect with our local community, clients and students and to become part of our Cultural Exchange Family!

You’ll need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, cover the cost of your airfares to and from Italy, your own travel (health) insurance during your time with us, your food and beverage needs, and any other spending you may want to do during your stay.

You’ll need to organise your transfer to the closest public transport hub (airport / train station / bus station) where we’ll meet you and provide transport to our regional training centre.

You’ll spend your first week at our training centre (typically a local resort B&B / hotel with your own room and bathroom) getting to know the other Cultural Exchange volunteers, learning about our business, our programs and services, our clients, our students and generally finding out information about what it’s like to live work in the Community and Language and Cultural Centre where you’ll be based.

In your second week, we’ll take you and get you settled into your apartment! We’ll show you through your new village, apartment and Centre and walk you through the things that will need to be done. We’ll then start you off on your first week by working with you to introduce you to our clients and students, have a lunch with the local Mayor and some of the local comune (council) workers who you’ll need to know in case of any problems and basically settle you in to start your Cultural Exchange experience.

We’re on hand 24 hours a day to provide support and assistance during your entire time with us and you’ll have use of the Centre’s mobile phone with local number and internet access in case of any emergencies. 


January & April 2022 - Programs are now open !

English in Italia is now taking applications for our next two Cultural Exchange Programs kicking off in January and April 2022.

If you’ve always dreamed of living “la dolce vita” and being more than just a tourist in Italy our Cultural Exchange Program is the perfect way to have a real Italian language and cultural immersion experience.

We’re looking for native (mother-tongue) English speakers who have a passion for bella Italia and all things Italian.

Our Language and Cultural Centres based in small, medieval villages throughout regional Italy offer a range of language and cultural services to local Italian communities.

As a Cultural Exchange Volunteer you’ll be based in one of our communities and work within our language and cultural centres offering much needed English language services to local Italians, schools, day-care centres and businesses. 

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January & April 2022 Now Open !

English in Italia is now taking enquiries for our Cultural Exchange Programs for January and April 2022.