Italian Summer Camp – Bassano in Teverina

English in Italia are proud to be able to offer our first Full-Immersion English Summer Camp.  Working in partnership with Alessandra Boselli from the magnificient Casa di Ale in Bassano in Teverina and sourcing Mother-tongue English Teachers from Australia, America and the UK, we are creating a unique English language environment for our students.

Our program will be creating a “little English” environment where students will be able to use, practise, experience and imagine what life in English speaking countries is really like, without the added expense and risks involved with travelling outside of Italy.

We’ll be using our Direct Method English Language program, combining the methodologies with fun activities, games, sports, cooking lessons, gardening and outdoor experiences, swimming, arts & crafts, movies, theatre and readings to not only immerse our students in the English language but to do so in a fun, entertaining and motivating way to cultivate a love of language learning.

Our Summer Camp will be offered 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, from 8am to 6pm.  All necessary equipment will be provided, including all food and drink.

Students will experience a variety of English dishes for breakfast, morning and afternoon teas and lunch.  We won’t be serving pasta or any typical Italian foods, so if you’re children are fussy eaters, this may not be the experience for them.

All outdoor sports, experiences and swimming lessons will be supervised and controlled to ensure safety and security during our outdoor times.  Students are asked to ensure they have sunhats (no hat no outdoor activities) appropriate sun protection clothing (no singlet tops, only t-shirts or long sleeve sun resistance tops) and sun protection cream.

No individual food and drink will be allowed to be on the premises to protect students with food allergies.

Our Teaching staff are all native English speakers with first hand experience in teaching English to young learners and have First Aid qualifications.

Indoor activities, after lunch and if the weather is too hot, will include arts & crafts, English movies, theatre / charades / board games, reading, cooking lessons and general discussions about life in English speaking countries.

Breakfast will provide our students with a healthy diet to support their activities and academic needs throughout the day.  It will include – healthy cereal (no chocolate cereals) / yoghurt / toast / eggs / fresh fruit / milk / fruit juice.

Morning and afternoon teas will include – English scones / biscuits / cakes / fresh fruit / fruit juice / tea / water.

Lunch will be a variety of typical English dishes – fish and chips / meat pie and salad / sausage and vegetables / quiche and salad / chicken and vegetables / toasted sandwiches / water / ice creams.

In case of any communication problems or emergencies there will be an Italian Administer at the Camp on a full-time basis.