British Council

This program was open to all non-English speaking countries and offered a 12-week English lesson plan based around the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  The program also included the opportunity to enter into an English Competition.  Working with the school it was decided to enter the competition with one Middle School Group Entry and one Elementary School Entry.

Peta worked with both entries and delivered the 12-week English Program.  The rules of the competition required the entries to research the Paralympic games, select a Paralympian they liked and do a presentation on the chosen Paralympian as their Paralympian Hero.

The research the Class carried out on the Olympic and Paralympic Games identified a number of Paralympians but one stood out because he was Australian and also because he was at the time living and playing Wheelchair Basketball in Rome!

With the support of the class, Peta contacted Brad Ness, Australian Paralympian Wheelchair Basketball player in Rome, shared her story and the classes desire to enter the British Council Competition and how they had chosen Brad as their Parlympian Hero 🙂

Brad was very happy to provide his support and humbled to have been chosen by the class out of so many great Paralympians.  He agreed to coming to Soriano to meet the Class and to present an exhibition of Wheelchair Basketball to the school and the community.