English Language Cultural Centres

English in Italia's English Language Cultural Centres are scattered throughout Italy in small Medieval Italian villages enabling us to provide a range of English language support services and deliver affordable, effective mother-tongue English language programs to local communities.

Each of our English Language Cultural Centres follows an Operational Model that has been successfully operating for over 6 years, is supported by the local Councils within each community, uses only mother-tongue English teachers and delivers English language learning programs using the Direct Method English Language teaching methodology.

We provide Cultural Exchange Experiences to mother-tongue English speakers inviting them to live and experience Italian life and work in our Cultural Centres in return forĀ managing our Centres and English language programs and providing mother-tongue English language support to the local community.

Each of our English Language Cultural Centres offers:

  • A range of affordable, efficient and effective English language programs and services to the local council, residents, day-care centres, pre-schools, schools, businesses and the general community;
  • Mother-tongue English language services at affordable rates and hours to suit the needs of the communities;
  • Free English language support, translation and interpretation services to the local Council assisting with the marketingĀ of their village to the English speaking tourist market;
  • Regular English conversation get-togethers and showing of English movies providing relaxed, fun and community involvement opportunities for both locals and visiting English speakers;
  • A free English language book library and also have on sale a range of English language learning books, games, programs and products;
  • Regular Intensive English language trips to the UK and Australia;

We support and promote language exchange and the sharing and creating of connections between visitors and the local community.

We work on creating and delivering pathways for those interested in studying and working overseas by facilitating partnerships and connections between schools and universities, and we support and promote the services of our key partners;

By combining our cultural exchange experiences with the service offerings of our English Langauge Cultural Centres and our range of mother-tongue English language services we are able to create a win-win scenario for everyone involved.