Direct Method English Program

Teaching language learners to genuinely communicate in English

The Direct Method Program is our core teaching methodology that we use to deliver our British English language programs in each of our Language and Cultural Centres. It is an easy, effective learning methodology delivered by native speaking English volunteers and teachers.

The method emerged in the 1890’s and is also known as the “natural method”. It focuses on teaching language learners to genuinely communicate in their second language. We use very little translation and prefer to explain and communicate directly in English explaining vocabulary through visual aids and miming.

Our Partner, Direct Language Lab provide the resources we need to successfully deliver this program. They use the foundational direct method teaching methodology combined with their more up to date, modern content to deliver a range of books, apps and online programs to enable effective and efficient second language acquisition.


How is DIRECT Method for English different

Coursebooks produced by Direct Language Lab are modern – containing only up-to-date vocabulary and grammar adapted to present examination standards.

English designed with Direct Method coursebooks include questions relating to current topics which are of interest to students.

English designed with Direct Method coursebooks are updated on a regular basis. When working on subsequent editions, we pay utmost attention to verification of coursebooks both in terms of language and context validity.

Coursebooks produced by Direct Language Lab have been created by a team of teachers with several years of experience in teaching by means of direct methods and they reflect long-term considerations concerning the range of material and the method of its implementation.

All the levels of English designed with Direct Method coursebooks contain a wide range of questions ascribed to a group of words. This facilitates better acquisition of meanings of words and consolidation of their use in various contexts.

English designed with Direct Method coursebooks reflect a practical approach to English grammar. The coursebooks contain clear grammatical explanations – short, practical and easy to understand.

English designed with Direct Method coursebooks enrich the direct method with additional elements such as:

  • additional grammar lessons facilitating better understanding and consolidation of grammar material, which is first introduced in an oral form,
  • exercises and communication sections thanks to which students learn how to ask questions and practise vocabulary and structures which are useful in terms of communication.

Specifically, for English coursebooks, Direct Language Lab has designed an Internet platform where every user can find even more attractive exercises, making use of over 100 additional hours of learning.

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