Students aged from 18 years of age

We deliver our Adults English Program by combining current, relevant everyday events and conversation with the Direct Method English coursebooks and methodology. This unique teaching method, using only mother-tongue / native English teachers means we’re able to engage and connect with our students and support them with creative ways to embrace English and bring it into their everyday lives.

The Direct Method English coursebooks have been developed using modern, everyday vocabulary and conversation for learning English by means of the direct method and are created by teachers with several years of English teaching experience. Thanks to the direct method, students can acquire a wide range of vocabulary in an attractive, engaging and interesting way and learn what is indispensable and crucial in language learning, namely, efficient communication in a foreign language.

Books 1-6 (CEFR levels A1 to B2) are divided into 7 or 8 modules, at the end of each module there are grammar lesson with exercises designed for practicing structures introduced in each of the modules, as well as exercises consolidating vocabulary.

The Modules also include communication sections together with dialogues and texts, providing a platform for students to practise vocabulary and structures needed in particular situations (e.g. at the restaurant, shop, airport), which is a unique and engaging learning tool in the direct method coursebooks. 

Each grammar lesson consists of 3 parts:

  1. Grammar (or vocabulary in Book 6) – exercises practising grammar structures introduced in the preceding module,
  2. Fast Finishers – a set of additional exercises,
  3. Vocabulary (or a thematic set in Book 6) – exercises practising vocabulary from the preceding module.

Key features of the coursebooks:

  • Practical everyday vocabulary – over 4,000 words carefully selected in terms of usefulness.
  • Interesting questions in natural, everyday, contemporary English.
  • Coursebooks produced by Direct Language Lab making use of a vast number of questions making it easier for students to remember new vocabulary more efficiently and use it in numerous contexts (various applications, grammar structures, collocations),
  • User-friendly graphics and page-layout facilitating work with the coursebook,
  • Illustrations, a rich set of VISUALS for Book 1,
  • Numerous grammar exercises,
  • Communication exercises, dialogues and texts.
  • Downloadable Mp3
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