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English in Italia brings together people from around the world for language and cultural experiences and exchanges which grow and foster relationships and learning. Located in the majestic beauty of the Italian countryside, English in Italia delivers cutting edge English language services for local Italian families and businesses in partnership with native English speakers. We also provide immersive Italian language and cultural experiences in these local communities both in-country and online. 

English Language & Cultural Service

Our English language and cultural services are founded on the belief that the best way to learn and experience English and its culture is to create connections and relationships with native / mother-tongue English speakers. People who are born and raised in English-speaking countries are passionate about their language, history and culture and they want to share it with others and help them understand the importance of English in today’s world.

Italian Language & Cultural Service

We use a combination of Direct Method Teaching and interaction with local, native / mother-tongue Italians to deliver our unique range of Italian language and cultural services. We focus on creating real regional Italian experiences for our students and clients and we work within our communities to ensure we’re able to deliver programs and services that not only benefit our clients but the communities we’re based in too.
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Cultural Exchange

We provide innovative ways for native / mother-tongue English speakers to experience Italy like they never have before! By being based in smaller, medieval communities scattered around regional Italy we’ve created a “real Italian” connection with the local community. Being a part of our Italian language and cultural exchanges means that you’re not just a visitor but a part of the community which enables you to make lifelong, rewarding connections and relationships.


Together with our partner, Terra in Tuscia, we’ve created a number of “full-immersion” Cultural Experience Programs where you get to learn more about Italy, especially smaller regional parts of Italy, it’s language, culture, history and of course it’s food and wine!!


The dream of living “la dolce vita” is one that so many tourists and visitors to Italy take back with them after spending time in this amazing country. However, the dream suddenly seems impossible when you start searching for your perfect Italian property. Uncertainty about location, costs, maintenance, legal issues, language barriers, security, Italian bureaucracy, the list goes on and on. We’ve created an innovative opportunity that takes all these concerns away!


We have grown from our community roots and our purpose is to meet the needs of the community and all those who have a passion for bella Italia.

English in Italia was originally established as a language centre providing accessible, affordable options for learning and studying English. However, over the past 7 years we have evolved by listening to and understanding the needs of our Italian and native / mother-tongue English clients and students. We realised that language is much easier to acquire if you have a foundational understanding of the culture behind it. Developing innovative programs that enabled Italians to connect, interact and learn English with native / mother-tongue English speakers created a much more motivating and interesting learning environment and established a foundation and desire to become more passionate about learning languages.

To deliver innovative, affordable, accessible and effective language and cultural exchange services that benefit the local community.

To be a global leader in the development of innovative, sustainable, community-based programs that benefit all involved.

Our values are founded on the traditions and beliefs of generations of Italians and from the depth of passion and culture that is Italy.

FAMILY – Our communities, employees, clients, students and suppliers are our family.

GRATITUDE – We demonstrate gratitude in everything we do.

PERSERVERANCE – In consistently listening to the needs of our communities and developing programs to meet these.

COURAGE – To pave new roads by delivering innovative products that benefit all involved.


Our range of English language services includes a Direct Method English Language learning program for children, teenagers, adults and businesses, in-house English language programs for companies, associations and organisations, a Pronti per Cambridge program for Day-care Centres and Kindergartens, and a range of translation and interpreter services. Our team is made up of native / mother-tongue English teachers and translators and we work within our communities offering services to local schools, businesses and councils.

Our range of Italian language services includes a Direct Method Italian Language learning program for adults and a range of translation and interpreter services. Our Italian Language and Cultural Camps provide an opportunity to meet and learn with local, native / mother-tongue Italian students in small regional communities. Our team is made up of native / mother-tongue Italian teachers and translators and we work with our partners in the US, UK and Australia to create innovative programs to offer language and cultural exchanges.

We create innovative cultural exchange programs to enable native / mother-tongue English speakers to experience life in small, medieval, regional towns and villages. By establishing our English Language Cultural Centres in regional Italy we’ve become part of the community so when you come on one of our cultural exchange programs you too will enjoy the benefits of living like a local and experiencing “the real Italy”.

Our centres are based in small regional cities, towns and villages throughout Italy. They provide a base for us to deliver our services as well as providing a number of services to the local communities. We offer native / mother-tongue English support to the local schools, business and council and have a Little English Bookshop and library where local Italians can buy or borrow English books. Some of our centres have a Little English Cinemas where we regularly show movies in English!

We provide a range of corporate language services to local businesses, organisations and associations, including in-house Direct Method English Language programs for adults, business translation services, interpreter services and more. We tailor our services to meet our Corporate client’s needs.


Peta L Lowry

Owner / Founder / CEO

Entrepreneur – Visionary

Ian M Sinclair

Director / CFO


Hamish M Sinclair

Director / Head of Regional Teams

Bilingual – English / Italian

Packy Lyden

Director Strategic Partnerships

US Based

Project Development

Could this be you?


The English in Italia Advisory Committee is a distinguished group of global professionals entrusted to jointly provide advice, insight and guidance to the business, its strategic planning and future business development plans. The Advisory Committee ensures innovation for a comprehensive end-to-end approach for our students, clients and participants.

Ms. Sumedha Bhari

J.D. / BS.Eng.
(Attorney & Engineer)

Mr. Henry Dehilinger

Musical Composer

    Dr. Will Dubyak

    Artificial Intelligence Expert / PhD Statistics / Technology Exec.

    Mr. Orlando James

    Professional Athlete / Fitness Trainer

      Ms. Lauren Kravetz

      Linguist & Attorney

        Dr. Collen Krieger

        Endodontist & Retired Army Colonel

        Dr. Peter Shull

        Professor of Engineering / Author

          Mr. Scott A. Spiers

          Wealth Manager & Financial Advisor

            Ms. Mariangela Stagnitti

            Founder - Italian Business Women's Network


            OUR PARTNERS

            Organisations that directly support and contribute to the English in Italia programs are instrumental to our success. They bring a depth of subject matter expertise, knowledge and resources into our programs.


            Affiliations with academic institutions and professional and trade associations are an important part of our business. This network of relationships provides an ecosystem to hire world-class talent to teach, inspire, manage and support our business.

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